Filthy KDX

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How We Got Started


Filthy KDX was born out of frustration.... 

I have owned a KDX for a long time like most KDX owners have, and had become frustrated with buying parts locally and online for my KDX. 

Why We Do It


We do it for the love of offroad riding and racing. No matter what brand you ride or what type of riding you do. Whether you are a weekend trail rider or a privateer racer Filthy KDX will be there for you. 

Not Just KDX's


We're here for all offroad riders. So if need something and don't see feel free to send us an email with what you are looking for. We are continuously adding to our catalog! So if you see a manufactures product and want to know if they have it for your bike send us an email to and we will quote you a price.

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